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obama to explain the administration's response. we'll speak with congressman mike rogers who has been out in front of this whole situation since day one. he is chairman of house intelligence committee from libya. he will join us a little while. bill: we'll see him at the half hour. meantime we're getting going on a friday. the son of a virginia democrat now under investigation for possible voter fraud. this time it was caught on tape. martha: unfortunately for him. a new warning of a monster storm that threatens the east coast. experts say it could be a big one. >> they were saying that the new jersey has never experienced anything to this magnitude before. that's why we're monitoring it very, very closely. >> because it's such a large area, you're just going to have lots of people affected. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodl
joined mike rogers to urge american businesses to steer clear. they believe if those companies get contracts, hackers or saboteurs could access critical information. >> the critic -- the public is not aware of how serious these attacks are. they could attack a major bank or a stock market. >> imagine not having access to your bank account. imagine hospitals having fluctuating power systems. >> an economist agrees but he cautions it will cost more to telecom work around the two chinese mega-corporations. >> we might be paying more for the work if it had not been done by a chinese firm. we want security but i would suspect many will want to pay the lower monthly bill. >> paying more will protect americans from the staggering losses hackers can exact. >> we have lost over $300 billion of trade secrets. we have had hackers, mostly china stealing information from our countries and getting trade secrets and losing jobs. >> their last reports denied any control by the chinese garment. a spokesman says he hopes congress will set aside prejudices and do more to benefit tschida's trade ties
the attack in libya. is there any way this could add up? mike rogers is "outfront" tonight. plus, the l word. that's what both candidates are being called. liars. is this what we should expect wednesday night? and the attack was detected and foiled, but it was on our top secret nuclear trigger. let's dpo "outfront." "outfront" tonight, the buck stops at the white house. cnn has learned that the white house chose to leave out key intelligence from the attack on americans in libya. now, there were three things u.s. intelligence has confirmed to be tree. the attacks were preplanned, terrorist attacks and the work of al-qaeda linked groups. intelligence expert who has worked in the pentagon for two decades tells "outfront" the key information left out of the talking points can only mean the administration is covering something up. u.s. intelligence knew about the link within 24 hours of the attacks and the now infamous comments by susan rice saying the attacks were not preplanned. not the work of terror, were four days after that. this does not add up. intelligence committee chairman mike rogers
disclosures not sitting well with the chairman of the house tell -- intelligence committee, mike rogers. he says it appears to be coordinated effort to protect the white house in his opinion. congressman rogers said this, quote. it appears from a spate of articles there is orchestrated defense of the administration underway which selective disclosures of the intelligence community products to support what policymakers have said publicly. he has been front and center on this whole issue. he will join us moments away to have a live discussion about the growing fallout of the administration's changing narrative on all of this and the on going investigation into the attack that is coming up, 9:30. one issue not getting a lot of play in the press pgs did campaign is temporary social security payroll tax deduction. you haven't thought about that a lot, right? it is set to expire in january. some say it needs a lot more attention. that means 163 million workers can expect their taxes to go up between 1000 and $4500 a year. no small piece of change. stuart varney joins me now. anchor of "varney & c
of the hour, the chairman of the house committee mike rogers talks about that dire warning. meantime, banking overdraft fees are heading higher after four years of declines. a recent report shows banks saw total overdraft revenue increase by nearly 700 million dollars year over year to 31 1/2 billion dollars in june. overdraft fees had fallen by nearly 6 billion dollars from 2008 to 2011. and an apple a day could take a bite out of your wallet. apple prices on the rise in the northeast as poor growing weather has hurt the crop up here. many farms forced to cancel those popular not in my household pick your own events. as a result, however, in the west, it's a different story. washington state is producing a bumper crop. connell: you and jonas and the dogs don't go out picking apples? not a weekend activity? >>> a company making its first official delivery to space. dagen: and historic win for romney, never have we seen more people give the nod to one candidate in a debate. former clinton advisor doug schoen will be joining us. and also john leboutillier will be joining us. let's take a look a
intelligence committee, mike rogers is "outfront" next. >>> plus, why is a congressman running for re-election, checking back into the mayo clinic? surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and headache relief. everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. >>> welcome back to the second half of "outfront." we start the second half
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? let's bring in house intelligence chairman mike rogers, republican from michigan. chairman rogers, thank you very much. you know, 4:05, 4:54, 6:07, you know all about the e-mails came in. bing west says there was a meeting in the oval office, chairman, between the president, the vice president, and the defense secretary. what were they talking about in that meeting in the oval office? they sure didn't defend our people in benghazi. >> well, and that's certainly a big question, larry, that we're going to have to try to get an answer to. and what's so concerning about this is this is more information. think about all we know. all the information leading up to the 9/11 event that took the life of our ambassador and three employees showed that al qaeda in the maghreb, that northern area of africa, was committed to committing a terrorist attack on western targets. so we know they hit that exact consulate in april and in june. some think it was prepping for a more serious event. this event occurs. they've got those e-mails, as we've learned today, from the state department. within 12 ho
, this was the tape, it was the riot, not everybody was fooled. congressman mike rogers was asked almost immediately and he said, this looks to me like a terrorist attack. this is when all the administration people were saying that there was no evidence of terrorism. they couldn't prove it. why did mike rogers see immediately that it looked like a terrorist attack and the administration couldn't see it? this was not something that was unobvious to the average person in possession of intelligence information. this is something that was denied by this administration and we haven't had a good explanation of why yet. >> janine turner -- >> condoleezza rice, condoleezza rice. >> janine turner, i want to go to a separate but related subject, that is the lousy mainstream media coverage of this whole story, including in the last 48 hours over these e-mails. janine, are the mainstream media in the tank for obama? are they swallowing this phony video and spontaneous protest thing hook, line and sinker? they hardly reported it yesterday and the day before. are they just going to go along with everything obama
? >> mike rogers: if i were an american company today-- and i'll tell you this as the chairman of the house permanent select committee on intelligence-- and you are looking at huawei, i would find another vendor if you care about your intellectual property, if you care about your consumers' privacy, and you care about the national security of the united states of america. >> kroft: republican congressman mike rogers and the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee, dutch ruppersberger, believe that letting a chinese company build and maintain critical communication infrastructure here would be a serious mistake. >> dutch ruppersberger: one of the main reasons we are having this investigation is to educate the citizens in business in the united states of america. in the telecommunications world, once you get the camel's nose in the tent, you can go anywhere. >> kroft: their overriding concern is this-- that the chinese government could exploit huawei's presence on u.s. networks to intercept high-level communications, gather intelligence, wage cyber war, and shut down or disrupt c
house president way in. congressman mike rogers, the head of the select intelligence committee, former bush adviser, all among our guests. bnp will join us. we're coming right back with much more. ♪ the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes lollipop? yes! do you want an etch a sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no you got talent. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. with a 50% annual cash bonus it the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet? i usually say that. [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. lou: critics are raising concerns about the moderator in tomorrows vice-presidential debate accusing her of having a clear political bias.
. the this is mike rogers, listen. >> i argued the administration made serious mistakes whether they highlighted the video, escalated its credibility to the presidential level and then took it on tv in pakistan with u.s. taxpayer dollars. i think those were all serious mistakes that we are paying the price for, and it was because of that view of what they thought their intelligence, at least what they wanted it to be, not what it was. bill: two critical things he said in this. i want to talk to new york congressman peter king about it, the chairman of the homeland security committee. good morning, sir. >> good morning, bill. bill: they highlighted the video escalating the credibility on the presidential level. what do you think of that? >> i a agree fully with chairman rogers. i'm on the intelligence committee with mike, he's a great chairman. he's been right on this from the start. the president took something which was a petty issue and elevated it, gave it a credibility it didn't deserve, somehow put it on defense as if we're to explain why this video was created here in the united states was
as the approach yacht approach to something as complex as an attack like this. >> mike rogers republican from michigan looks at these e-mails differently than secretary clinton. he thinks the evidence is more solid and he doesn't think the explanation are howill hold up long erment . >> because of the way they coordinated the attack it took some sense of planning. whether it's 24-hours or two weeks it is a preplanned event. for some notion they decided on a whim to show up and be this wildly successful doesn't cut the mustard here. >> given the timing of these leaked e-mails on september is 1th shortly after and during the attack what did the u.s. military do to respond to the atta attack as soon as we found out. questi we still don't know. >>> these e-mails heigighlighti the response by the obama administration. >> that's what sean hannity is talking about. raising serious concerns about the time line of the event. >> they are in the situation room. if it makes it to the white house situation room the white house knew. >> they knew everything that was going on in spite of what their claims a
from the compound. mike rogers is chairman of the house intelligence committee. >> i'm not comfortable with where we are today tracking the folks that identifying, tracking and bringing to justice people killed in an american ambassador. >> military expert say the use of mortar at the annex or cia outpost in benghazi deseb scrutiny because it's with the administration characterization attack as spontaneous or opportunenistic. >> the use of this, the effective use is the smoking gun showing that that was a preplanned terrorist operation. >> while the annex was struck in the second wave of the attack, approximately 0430. the location was designated in advance when the visual contact with the target was possible. >> mortar was set up in hours of daylight to make sure they had, again, the compass angle. exactly right. >> given the first two mortars nearly missed the annex with a sub scant two rails making direct hit, experts say the mortar team had help on the ground. more evidence of coordination and premeditation. >> a spotter has to see the initial strike of the rounds and adjust that d
to hear something mike rogers had to say about this report. >> i argued this. listen, this is something we should raise to a bilateral level with china. they have gone unfettered in this activity for years. all american companies know it. there are two companies left in america that have intellectual property, those that hae been hacked and no and those that have been hacked and don't know what. gerri: apparently everyone has been hit in some way. what was interesting about this, the left and right, dams and republicans, a bipartisan report how important is this threat right now? >> well, the problem is what you do about it. steve things, one, heading into the defense industry and the stealing stuff that is costing us hundreds of billions of dollars to develop a new fighter , submarine. stealing that and they then have all of that technology. the second thing the arguing, and we aren't sure why, is there are getting in and hacking and snooping around all of our computer systems. looking at the electric grid, the water supply system. gerri: this does not make me feel good. >> you don't know
of that committee mike rogers will join us live after the break first on cnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. whatever your business challenge, chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. well, if itmr. margin?margin. don't be modest, bob. you found a better way to pack a bowling ball. that was ups. and who called ups? you did, bob. i just asked a question. it takes a long time to pack a bowling ball. the last guy pitched more ball packers. but you... you consulted ups. you found a better way. that's logistics. that's margin. find out what else ups knows. i'll do that. you're on a roll. that's funny. i wasn't being funny, bob. i know. >>> this morning the house intelligence committee out with a new report urging u.s. companies to avoid doing business with c
a short time ago congressman mike rogers suggesting the obama administration politicized the intelligence in the immediate aftermath in the attack on the consulate in libya. spontaneous and not premeditated terrorism. >> i argue the administration made some serious mistakes when they highlighted the video, escalated its credibility to the presidential level and then took it on tv in pakistan with u.s. taxpayer dollars. >> rogers who told fox one day after the attack that it was indeed terrorism saying tonight that this statement from the director of national intelligence friday the nation's top intelligence official appeared to be an effort to object secure the facts. >> part of the problem is this circling of the wagons that is really concerning about. this again, americans need to understand the truth. and the facts are what the facts are. and the intelligence is what the intelligence is. >> fox news asked the administration official why it chose ambassador rice to discuss the sensitive intelligence details on five sunday talk shows. over four military officials including white house te
were four days after that. this does not add up. intelligence committee chairman mike rogers is our exclusive guest, but first, elyse has the latest on the news she's been "outfront" with from the start. you have been breaking this, this latest story about the white house choosing to leave information out. what are your sources saying as to why the white house left out key points. like the fact that this was a terrorist attack. >> well, i think, erin, if you look at the chronology of how this happened, the days after the attack -- in fact the day after the attack, my sources were telling me this was a preplanned military style assault, indication that there were terrorists involved. then as the days gone by, even though my sources continued to tell me this was preplanned, the white house started using these talking points. saying it was a mob. no sources were saying there was any evidence of a mob and these talking points were delivered by susan rice on sunday even though there were officials that continued to say it was a -- and use those points when official say listen, this was t
from further expansion into u.s. territory. here's one of the authors of the report, mike rogers, cautioning corporate america. >> our advice to the private sector is this -- your obligation is to consider larger data protection and national security implications of your business decisions, and we would not advise doing business with these two companies. >> joining us now in a "first on cnbc interview" vice president of external affairs, will yaum plummer, and david faber, who has covered this issue extensively on cnbc. the u.s. congress basically saying your company cannot be trusted. your initial response? >> well, we certainly heard a bipartisan message there are some issues in item of -- in terms of trust for states. we, unfortunately, heard that there's going to be an approach to some of those issues of lack of trust between states. singling out an independent employee-owned company. but it's a company doing business in 150 markets with over 500 telecom operator customers. $32.4 billion in revenues last year. and our product is globally trusted and the security and integrity
. house intelligence chairman republican mike rogers said he fored the companies could access and misuse everything for personal medical records to military secrets. >> they seek to expand in the us us. but as a result of our investigation, we do not have the confident these two companies with their ties to the chinese government, can be entrusted with infrastructure of such critical importance. >> rogers added that several instances of alleged criminal activity were uncovered, including a bribery case that will be forwarded to the f.b.i. on tuesday. >> shep: how are these companies responding, shannon? >> as you would manual, they are fighting back, a spokesman for one of these companies says they are globally respected and added this, quote, this investigation and reported nothing more than a politics exercise that is ignored technical, cultural realities, adding that the company looks forward to leaving this political distraction behind us so that we can work with rational industry and government stake holders. by the way, under chinese law, these companies can be compelled to give th
, citing concerns over corporate speen, cyber war risks and more. committee chair mike rogers. >> the investigation concluded that the risks associated with these companies providing equipment and services to u.s. critical infrastructure undermines the core u.s. national security interests. as a majority of u.s. networks are run by private companies, we recommend that private network providers find other vendors. government systems and contractors should also exclude these companies' products as well. >> brown: specifically the report pointed to possible ties between the companies and the chinese government and military. and it concluded based on available classified and unclassified information heuwei and z.t.e. cannot be trusted to be free of foreign state influence. the conclusions were quickly rejected in beijing. the chinese foreign ministry insisted the two firms are stribtly above board. >> china's telecommunications companies follow the market regulations to operate in the international market. their investments in the u.s. go to show the mutually beneficial relations.
. let's get right to our first guest to talk about it. republican congressman mike rogers, chairman of the house select committee on intelligence. mr. rogers, thank you for joining me. let me ask you straight away about your reaction to this issue that's now blowing up pretty big today about what joe biden said about what was known by we, and i use the word we advisedly. let's playirst of all what was said by joe biden and by paul ryan in the debate last night. >> this is becoming more troubling by the day. they first blamed the youtube video. now they're trying to blame the romney/ryan ticket for making this an issue. >> we weren't told they wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more security. >> i was surprised when he said that, because as a viewer, watching, i was like well, hang on a second, i thought the state department had said that they received these warnings. mitt romney today has doubled down on the attacks on joe biden, what he said. watch this. >> the vice president directly contradicted the sworn testimony of state department officials. he's doubling down
as a republican? >> no. mike rogers, the chairman of the intelligence committee, is doing a great job from the start. he was one of the first to say this had all the appearances, all the earmarks of a terrorist attack. so far we have not gotten very much information at all. now i'll have to check with chairman rogers. i check in almost every day with the intelligence committee and check with the national counterterrorism center. >> overall as a republican on the homeland committee, you are chairman, do you believe they have provided but the information? because taxpayers are paying for that. you are you getting the information you need to truly keep us save? >> i don't think anybody else. i think they are performing a real service of having a hearing this week. it had to be an aggressive hearing to shake loose the administration. until darrell issa announced this hearing, the state department told us nothing. and suddenly the night before, because you weren't invited because you were from fox, but all the other media outlets were given the whole story and it was different than what they we
on the ground. whether or how it was distributed, we just don't know yet. late today, though, mike rogers, the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee, had this to say to cnn's wolf blitzer. >> i want to say we, the committee, were in possession of information that provided by the intelligence community that pretty much said this was a military style attack within less than 24 hours. >> are you sure -- >> presumably, the white house also had that information, so why then on september 15th did the united nations ambassador susan rice describe the attack this way? >> it's important to know that there's an fbi investigation that has begun and will take some time to be completed. that will tell us with certainty what transpired, but our current best assessment based on the information that we have at present is that in fact, what this began as was a spontaneous, not a premeditated response to what had transpired in cairo. in cairo, as you know, a few hours earlier, there was a violent protest that was undertaken in reaction to this very offensive video that was disseminated. >
, chuck todd, chris cillizza, mark halperin, congressman greg meeks, peter king and mike rogers, and our foreign policy debate panel, richard engel and bruce rydell. what questions would they ask the candidates? and the biographers weigh in, next on "andrea mitchell reports" live from lynn university. , keys, keys, keys. ♪ well, he's not very handsome ♪ to look at [ sighs ] ♪ oh, he's shaggy ♪ and he eats like a hog [ male announcer ] the volkswagen jetta. available with advanced keyless technology. control everything from your pocket, purse, or wherever. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ that dirty, old egg-suckin' dog ♪ [ male announcer ] it's time for medicare open enrollment. are you ready? time to compare plans and see what's new. you don't have to make changes, but it's good to look. maybe you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ medicare open enrollment. now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. ♪ sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small busi
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 106 (some duplicates have been removed)